Posted on April 26, 2016


Rainy spring days can have employees feeling cooped up inside the office. Treat them to sunnier days at the ranch! Faulkner’s Ranch is all about bringing people together, and our company picnics are a perfect way to do just that.

Not sure a company picnic is right for you? We’ve seen them in action and we know how beneficial they can be for a company. Here are a few reasons company picnics are a must.


Rejuvenate the Workplace


Everyone needs a day off from time to time. A company picnic is the perfect way to get outside and to remember what it is that makes your company special.

Employees will not only return to work feeling rejuvenated, but will also have a greater sense of appreciation and newfound motivation for the work they are doing.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


We all know how important teamwork is in the workplace. By getting to know their co-workers better, employees are more inclined to ask the right questions, and work in a way that makes your company more efficient and enjoyable as a whole.

Company picnics are also a great way to bond with other departments and build an appreciation for all they do. These events give employees the chance to network with people in a variety of different roles throughout the company.

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Celebrate Your Successes


Make it all about them. Take this time to show your commitment and appreciation for your employees. Show them how valuable they are to your company and how their work is directly affecting your success.

Having the company all in one place, gives you a chance to show everyone off. Different departments often don’t see other’s successes, and this is a great time to celebrate those successes company wide.

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Do It Right & Have It for Life


Company picnics are a great way to incorporate tradition into an environment where dynamics are ever-changing. Creating a tradition throughout your workplace is a great way to integrate new team members, while giving longtime employees the chance to celebrate their hard work and success.

In order to keep the tradition alive, it’s crucial to make sure your first company picnic, and every one after that, goes off without a hitch. Faulkner’s Ranch has all the details covered with our various company picnic packages so that all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy. Leave it up to our party professionals to ensure that your event is a hit your employees will be talking about all year long.


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